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Monday, July 17, 2017

The TI Book Test?

   In 2012, those who targeted me were having their puppets tell me to write a book. I said no. Part of the targeting is done by a group that appears to be watching and judging and testing us while we get tortured and tormented. And I do not want to be used in the sadistic games that test and judge instead of protecting and helping.  My books, which are about the targeting, are just copies of my websites and blog so that my information will not be lost if I lose my websites.
   I feel that I am being too heavily targeted to do a good job with writing a new book, especially one on the details of my personal experiences with the targeting.  I want and need to be set free so that I can write my own book for the sake of healing. . .and write it from my heart when those who target me can not manipulate it or alter it or judge it or torture me if I feel and release my pain...etc.