My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sticky Stuff

   It appears that they are putting some sort of sticky stuff on surfaces i have to touch lately. This has happened on the steering wheel in my car and on door handles, which happened today as well as other days. I do not know if they are just trying to make me think they are drugging me or trying to kill me...or if they just want me to think they are. Its hard to tell if there is any effect from it because  the technological targeting can mimic almost any symptom. And they sometimes do things to make it look like my symptoms are from that and not from the technological targeting.
   Aside from this I am having a lot of difficulty lately. I have been being hit hard. Am scared and still need help, but there is not yet anyone even acknowledging the targeting. Some places appear to have been taken over and I hope they haven't really been. Am doing the best I can under torturous and horribly confusing conditions.
   Though I said I'd back up a bit on blogging due to being hit so hard, I will still try to post something every week to let you know I am still hanging in here. No matter what, I do not want a covert "rescue"/abduction/enslavement from ANY source. So, if I vanish its not of my own choice and I hope that does not happen. No matter how unlikely it now appears I still want to believe that there are good decent officials who will someday be here for us. . .with compassion and validation...etc.

Some of my emails were erased from my account. Though I have a double security set up to access it, they still appear to be getting into it. There also may have been some recent mailings that were not from me. I hope nothing bad was done.