My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, July 27, 2017


[ Update 8-11-2017: Yesterday I had changed this post, but I have restored it today. My situation leaves me at a loss as to how to handle this dilemma. I have legitimate concerns and feelings to deal with on top of being surrounded by the usual contradicting covert messages which include threats to withhold help if I change it or to disable my car and shove me into a shelter if I do not. I just want to follow my own heart. In my heart I want to expose enough (but not too much) of what has been happening with the hope of threats to inflict more harm to not succeed. And its extremely difficult to find that balance, especially while being harassed and/or my brain being lasered.
I have actually not written about hardly any of my experiences with ALL levels of law enforcement, because there are times when I have felt unsure of their intentions, and because there have been times when obvious ill intentions have left me in fear for my safety, and because I have been waiting and hoping for things to get better for all levels of law enforcement so that they can be here for us, and because I am concerned about losing even more evidence and witnesses than what has already been happening. This has been going on for over five years now.
I have not wanted to blame any of them because, when I look at the bigger picture, I sense that many of them have been targeted too and many appear to be enslaved by the organization who targets me as well as them. I have been repeatedly praying for us all to be set free, for things to be getting better for them, but in some places they seem to be getting worse - more enslaved, and this is extremely disturbing, especially since there appears to be multiple set ups happening that could hurt me and other victims even more instead of helping us. Recent set ups include trying to provoke me while lasering my brain in order to make me look dangerous or crazy. Around this time police officers were kicking me out of parking lots and video taping me at times when I was just waking and when my bran was being heavily microwaved. Another police officer recently delivered what appeared to be yet another covert threat to disable my car and throw me into an unsafe homeless shelter if I do not happily listen to and follow and obey the covert program…etc. This would also make me lose some f my belongings – the little bit of evidence I have left, although it has already been ransacked the last time they disabled my car for four month last year. Its really scary to be experiencing these things from officials whom I had hoped for help from. It appears that some of the law enforcement places, that had intended to help me, have been taken over by those who target me and I am extremely concerned for myself as well as them.
   Just this morning again, they had a puppet reminding me of the threat to throw me "off the sidewalk for not listening" or understanding or obeying the covert messaging that has been hurting and threatening and confusing me for too long. ]

   It appears that I am again receiving covert threats that they will disable my vehicle and shove me into an unsafe homeless shelter! If they did that it could also cause me to lose what is left of my belongings. I feel scared for myself and other Targeted Individuals who have been isolated and are in danger of being abducted and completely enslaved. I hope that what is left of us is spared from that hell.
   I have recently experienced three episodes of police officers in Goffstown, NH, kicking me out of places where I park for short periods of time during the day. . .and videotaping me while questioning me. This seems to happen at strategic times and I am not sure what it is about. The last episode came shortly after I had posted my concerns about the possibility of our words being altered in videos or recordings....like what I saw someone do in a video of presidential candidates in 2016. I had written about the last two episodes, which happened in conjunction with my brain being heavily lasered while librarians badgered me, but then had erased them out of respect for officers whom I'd hoped were not actually part of the obvious aim to make me look crazy or even dangerous. But now its happened again and I wonder if this is a retaliation against me for writing tiny bits of the parts of the targeting, which SOME police officers have been involved in? Is it them who have been demanding that I erase things from my writings in order to get help? Is it them who are again threatening to disable my car and force me into a stationary place where I could be even more trapped and hurt? Is it them who are being used to make it look like the lasering and microwaving is just done locally instead of mostly from space based technologies? I think it is whomever is using them and I hope they regain their freedom. . .for all our sakes.

I pray for all levels of law enforcement, (local through federal) as well as fire department and EMT officials, to be set free so that they can be a source of help to us and not be used by those who target us, which would be best for them as well as us.

I beg all good/uncontrolled law enforcement officials (on all levels - local through federal) to let your Hearts refuse to go along with the covert program and openly stand up with/for us and yourselves and America and the rest of humanity. We need you. We desperately need you to be here for us, instead of being used against us.