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Monday, July 17, 2017

Dart Marks?

   It appears that I was shot with two little darts late in the day before yesterday. At first they were raised red bumps and, when I scratched my nail over them, there was a little snapping sound...as of something plastic snapped off of the center of both of them.
    I am experiencing very high levels of distress lately especially since being shot with the darts. I do not know what kind of effect it will have on me and I do not believe it is a "good" thing at all.
   Its been difficult trying to log my past experiences for my latest video. And it was frustrating not being allowed to do the video, as well as past ones, without interference with my brain and the technologies I use. I'd hoped the new one, which ended up being two due to my recorder shutting down, would be better than the ones I did in 2015, but there are many things I forgot and many things I did not articulate in the ways that I normally would have, due to technological interference with my thought process on top of my own distress.
   Yesterday morning, I tried doing a better video of my chain of past experiences, but my recorder shut down again and I felt it was done remotely. I spent the rest of the day venting in my car.