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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Baffling Draw

   Before I realized the full scope of the targeting I had sometimes felt drawn to turn to the  perpetrators, who had previously infiltrated my life to befriend me, in order to get help as I was shoved into fearing for my life and destitution. This had baffled me until I fully realized the technological mind control part of the targeting and that I have been effected by it more than I'd previously thought. The brainwashings can also make us forget names and make us (sometimes just for period of time) think people are wonderful when they are actually the satanic perpetrators who are hurting us. The brainwashings are most effective when we are inflicted with emotional trauma or have been drugged and when we are not aware of the mind control. But truly satanic people can fool many - they are sometimes the most respected community members.

   I feel certain that I have been being targeted by a satanic occult since at least 1970. Since I have become aware of the mind control I have learned to second guess my thoughts and do my best to listen to my heart above them, although it gets very difficult to do when being heavily targeted.
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