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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Horrible Set Up

   [ Update may 22, 2017: I started out trying to share every detail of this situation on this post, but this becomes too difficult to do while continuing to be technologically tortured and harassed while I try to focus on writing. And this is not a report - its just a bit of what is happening to me. I have gone back and forth on how to deal with this situation. (I need an honest, professional, NON-covert adviser who is completely aware of everything that is happening, right now. Just because it can't happen doesn't mean its not needed.) This, as well as many other situations is like a horrible catch 22. There is a danger in my remaining silent about the rounds of targeting that appear to be set ups to frame me...etc. But there is also a danger in saying too much because they could either seek revenge, which has been happening, or lie and pretend none of it is happening at all, furthering the aim to make me look crazy. . .and I am in too much of a vulnerable situation. These are VERY legitimate concerns. I have shortened this post and left just the basic scenario with the hope that it will prevent this set up from succeeding. It will not be perfect, because I am being technologically tortured and covertly harassed while I am writing it. ]

The past week or two have been more difficult than the norm. Other recent posts reflect other parts of it, as I stumbled through it. Here I am explaining more of it, but I've still not had a chance to process it all. I am still being heavily microwaved and sometimes painfully tortured as I write this.
The past few weeks of targeting contained multiple things including what looked like one of the sadistic tests and a set up to make me look crazy or possibly even dangerous, and involved many community members.
   Among other things it included vamp ups with computer infiltrations in three libraries librarians cruelly trying to provoke me. One even delivered a verbal attack - trying to convince me that I am lieing about the computer infiltrations and that nothing is happening to me in the libraries and even went so far as to threaten to call the police if I returned to the library...etc., as if I am the one who is doing something wrong. This was done in a rude, accusing dysfunctional way that made it clear that she was trying to provoke me. I was kicked out of three parking lots, where I go for a bit of peace from the harassment, within one week. A very clear death threat was issued in a way that would have just made me look crazy if I had reported it and they were instructing me to report it. They forced me to erased evidence from my phone. It appeared that they gained access to my only backup email account that contained copies of blog posts and emails. It appears that I have been being video taped, at strategic times, by more than one organization. The technological torture of my brain was vamping up at strategic times and it seemed like they were trying to make me react violently to a multitude of things that were happening. I didn't. But I did, and still do, feel scared and hurt and angry about what has been being done to me. The worst of this happened in Goffstown and appeared to include a few police officers, which was extremely disturbing.
   Since my computers were disabled last year and I was forced to use library computers and forced to tolerate horrible levels of harassment from within the computers as well as from library employees and other puppets who follow me into the libraries. I am not being allowed to freely write. I try to ignore the verbal harassment, but this is not always possible. Sometimes I walk out, in order avoid them, especially when they crowd me and get too loud. Sometimes I do a loud "Ssshhhhh" to quiet them. Sometimes I ask them to be more quiet. Sometimes I defuse the harassment by cracking a joke, which usually agrees with what they are saying about me. But sometimes I do feel frustrated and angry, because its difficult to be forced to deal with, especially when lasers of radio waves are interfering with my brain function. . .and I should not even have to tolerate it - I should be able to live my life without being harassed and tortured. And now it seems like some of the librarian puppets are being used to seek revenge on me for writing about what happens to me in libraries.
I hope they do not succeed with any of the set ups to frame me or slander me or falsely label me...etc. They have already succeeded with hurting me and scaring me and making my personal situation feel more dismal than ever since this last round. But no matter what they do or don't do the Truth is still the same and I hope it wins.
   Perhaps part of the problem was also that I had recently given a couple kind library employee puppets a printed copy of my newly edited "Calling all Hearts" paper, with the hope of enlightening them, which I have periodically done in many places.

   Since I feel that most of the library employees are completely unaware victims of technological mind control I feel sorry for them. But this situation went beyond the usual harassment and into what looks like a cruel, vengeful, dishonest set up to provoke me and make it look like I am crazy and/or dangerous. This was not the usual round of targeting - it was a serious threat to what little is left of my independence, safety and freedom!
   Libraries are not the only places where I get harassed, not nearly. And I have never, not even in my thoughts, felt that the libraries are responsible for the computer infiltrations, because I feel that it has been being done through the new computer programs and/or the web.

   I feel that most, if not all, of the people who were used to harass me, are unaware, enslaved victims of technological mind control. Libraries are not the only places they harass me in. Its everywhere. I feel that the targeting is harmful to the enslaved people/puppets as well as victims like myself whom they are being used against. Their being used to psychologically harass fellow citizens is a disgrace to them, to our communities, to America and to humanity and it just has to stop. And no human being should be treated the ways that I have been treated by them and their sadistic/satanic leaders. God help us all.

If there were parts, of my original post, outside of the library stuff, that were not part of this round of sadistic targeting, I am deeply sorry. But I guess time will tell with some things. None of the covert stuff that repeatedly adds to my distress, scares me or hurts me and others, or threatens to seek revenge or to withhold help feels good to me, no matter how I look at it. It hurts me. Those who target me have a habit of pretending to help me while hurting me and so things can get too confusing if there really is good help that is also acting covertly. When I think of the possibility of genuine good people covertly, physically trying to approach me it concerns me, because I do not think they can directly do anything covert without the dark ones who target me knowing about it and I find this scary for them. I strongly feel that its safest to be just be honest and direct. I have repeatedly stated that "I can not handle the covert messaging stuff." AND, like I have been saying, I strongly feel that "Its safer to stand in the Light" - its safer to fully stand (OVERTLY) with me and acknowledge the targeting if you are not a part of it and want to help me.

I wonder; If I had not said anything about this, and they did something like shoving me into an institution, would anyone have stood up for me before it was too late?

   My feeling angry when I am being tortured or harassed or badgered, or all of these things at once, is a natural human response to something that is hurtful and should be stopped. I sometimes feel sad and I sometimes feel angry and this does NOT mean that I am mentally ill or dangerous or suicidal - it just means that I am human.

   Words cannot fully describe what is happening in our world. It truly is a holocaustal situation for EVERYONE involved and far more people should be openly standing up against it, because it thrives and grows in the silence that has surrounded it for too many decades now. I keep hoping that things are getting better, instead of worse, and I am waiting for proof of this.
God help America and Humanity to be totally set Free.

God help America and Humanity to be totally set Free.