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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Technologically Generated Bathroom Runs

   I'm sure I mentioned this before, but its worth another mention. I am going through another round of technologically induced bowel movements, which can be difficult to control, especially after they have technologically prevented a natural movement. This has usually been done a strategic times and appears to primarily be to inflict suffering, especially during those times when I am not near a bathroom and when they have puppets rush to occupy the gas station bathroom closest to me. This has happened a lot over the years.
   Before I realized the technological parts of the targeting I used to wonder why I would so consistently have to go to the bath when I went to my post office or the storage bin I used to have. Now I know. I had found a porta-potty at a little pond behind my post office, but they removed it after I started using it. The same thing was done at a park I used to go to.
   I am not a person who has ever had difficulty with or frequent urination...etc. This is definitely being technologically inflicted upon me. During one of the many times when I was resisting the erg they had a puppet walk into the room I was in and loudly scold, "You will go to the bathroom when I tell you to." They even sometimes let me know that they are about to start a round of this by having puppets walk near me saying things like, "Holy shit!" And I am being technologically tortured for writing this - am experiencing a sudden severe pain in my left side.