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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Richmond City Counsel Meeting - A Bit of Hope

   My heart wanted to cry as I heard some of the people caring to standing up for Targeted Individuals in California. I wonder what came of it.

A wise plea to give Targeted Individuals the benefit of doubt; "Before you judge the Targeted Individuals I would suggest that you listen to them - take the time to really listen deeply to their experience. Try to put yourself in their shoes. . .If you can believe them then please do what you can to support them. If your not sure then I urge you to take the precautionary principal - when in doubt ere on the side of extra protection for those who are vulnerable. Please do adopt this resolution." https://youtu.be/bgjV4TWqNJQ?t=2m51s

Richmond City Counsel Meeting May 19, 2015 (second of 5 videos)