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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Page for Targeted Individual Videos

  In my recent round of looking for Targeted Individual videos I have found that there are a lot of new ones on the web in the past couple years. But, sadly, many of the older ones appear to have vanished. I, of course, can relate to a lot of what is in them and I can recognize some of the typical stages of realization. But, to those who are not aware of what is happening to us they can be confusing. So, please watch them with your Heart.

  Targeted Individual videos are desperate cries
for understanding, care and the right kinds of help

   We desperately grope for who and why and how where there are too few answers. Is it this one or that one or coworkers or community members or my family or the government...etc.? But the manipulations and misinformation and interference with our brains makes it hard to be objective and often impossible to present ourselves as well as we could if we were not being targeted. When we look through our justifiable anger, from the prison of hell that our abusers have us trapped in, they all appear responsible, because some of them are involved either through participation or through an inability to protect us or through a baffling, careless, blind disbelief, which even tends to assume "mental illness" instead of giving us the benefit of doubt. If we are able to reach the point of realizing the horrible technological and pharmaceutical mind control's enslavement of humanity, and are able to look at the bigger picture, we can see that they are all victims too. But this is often too difficult to do while being tortured and feeling scared and desperate for help, especially in the initial stages of realizing that we are experiencing sadistic targeting and often being told that our own government...etc., is torturing and harassing us. Please excuse us and try to understand and care instead of judging us. God help us all.

 New Page for Targeted Individual Videos