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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Gas Leak Scare

   Yesterday afternoon I had an odd experience with a strong propane gas odor at a laundromat. As we talked about the gas odor, another customer, who was watching the TV, noticed a news story about a Salem, NH home that blew up due to a gas leak. Of course I wonder if this was a coincidence, because the media seems to be used in the targeting a lot.
   There were three of us there, but none of us took it seriously until in the end when, after having the door open, the gas odor was still really strong in one corner of the room. Up until then we were actually joking around. I never felt like I was in danger there. But this was one of those rare times when I was pretended that my life is normal and everything is fine, because I'd just gone through a difficult round of the targeting and was still in physical pain from the technological torture part of it.
  After the fire department was called, I left. Then it hit me and I wondered if someone may have actually caused a gas leak due to knowing that I was going there. Then I wondered if it was not really a gas leak, but something that smelled like gas in an effort to terrorize me. But, like most events around my being targeted, its too confusing to be sure what was happening if anything at all.
   But it was interesting how one of the customers told me that she has gotten sick and had to have a surgery right after starting the last two jobs she'd gotten. Was she being targeted? Was it a coincidence? Or was she a puppet delivering a message/threat to me, because I keep going through rounds of thinking about getting a job, although my work and other jobs have also gotten sabotaged, in various ways, and have been used to put me through even worse levels of the targeting. Its sad to think of how many people this may be happening to.