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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Forums With Changeable Posts Feel Unsafe

   A few years ago, when facebook changed to the format of posts being alterable/editable I pulled away from that forum out of concern that my posts could be altered by those who target me and had already infiltrated those accounts more than once. I had also experienced the alterations of posts that I had commented on in a poetry forum where posts were editable. The alterations of either our writings or those that we comment on can create really bad situations for Targeted Individuals.
   This concern is raised again lately as I go through a round of making comments on a few Targeted Individual youtube videos, because those are now changeable as well. I hope what I write remains the way I wrote it, especially since I am now too broke to even do print outs of my writings. And I hope that things I have commented on remain as they were when I made the comment.