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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Disabled People Enslaved and Used

   Over and over again I have found my self feeling shocked by how many mentally disabled and physically deformed people are complete mind control victims. They have been bringing groups of them to places I frequent. It is all so sad that I just can not handle it well. How much of the condition of these people is caused by technological targeting? I feel that some of it surely is. . .and probably more than any of us would feel comfortable with realizing, but it must be realized and stopped.
   Their counselors or respite providers appear to be puppets as well. Just this morning one of them came next to me and pretended to be scolding her disabled client, repeating over and over again things like, "You are being bad" and "Stop that," which I feel sure was really a covert massage for me to not write the previous post about hairdressers being used to help target me. I felt sad for her client, being drilled like that. I feel sad for me too.