My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Stand for the Silent Targeted Individuals

    My fight to expose the sadistic targeting has always been for those of us who are being heavily targeted and, as I realized more of the scope of it - the mind control, for those who have been crippled by blind disbelief and manipulations that prevent them from realizing and helping in ways that have are needed. My heart aches for all of us, especially my estranged family members and other loved ones.
   There are several people who have been being as heavily targeted as me, for over a decade now, and the pain I feel for them is sometimes unbearable, because I know too well the indescribably suffering they have been being inflicted with. I do not know if I should list their names - if this would be good or bad for them. Its hard to know how to handle this situation. So I will not list the full names here.
   Two people who have been on the top of my list of worries are Billy and Mary who appear to have started being targeted around the time when things vamped up on me in the early 1990s.
   I call Billy, "Billy the Kid," because he used to tell me stories about how he and his military and/or law enforcement buddies used to go out to a remote place to target practice, sometimes literally blowing up old vehicles. I remember laughing with him as he told me that it was a great way to release pent up anger. After that I held a picture of him - a spiritual warrior with guns strapped to his sides, which was a comical contrast to his profession as a calm healer. I got a kick out of his style. I Love Billy. I always have. Not in a relationship type of way - he was like a brother to me. He had a good Heart and held a strong focus on spiritual and personal growth. He was a person whom I had always known I could turn to if times got tough. But as the targeting vamped up on me it hit him too, perhaps because he would have been here for me if I had turned to him.
  A couple of years ago I visited him. His hugs/care has helped to carry me through and his sharing of his difficult experiences helped me to feel less alone in this hell that too many of us have been being inflicted with. But I have hurt for him a lot. His experiences, which I feel were part of the sadistic targeting, included the loss of his license to practice medicine, a serious skiing "accident," and a head on collision with a police cruiser. I have felt that, the vehicle "accident" was not a real accident and that both Billy and the police officer were victims of the sadistic targeting.
   I do not know what has happened to Billy the Kid, at this point. I do not know if he has vanished or been enslaved, or been killed or is still hanging in there and struggling to survive it. I hope he is still surviving it. At this point I do not know if my interactions with him, and my previously sharing things about him being targeted, had helped or made things more difficult for him, but I hope it has helped.
    Mary was a special person in my life. Like, Billy, we were not supper close, but there was a mutual Love and respect. I love Mary as if she were my sister. Our souls strolled side by side in our process of personal and spiritual growth, especially in our yoga class and I think that those types of bonds can not be broken, because we can sometimes even feel each other's pain. Mary's experiences were very similar to mine - her work, which she did with deep levels of compassion for others, was sabotaged. And her beautiful Heart targeted. Her misery and fear have haunted me since I spoke to her in 2006. I do not know what has happened to her either, at this point. In 2015 I had a vision of her crying and crying and there was nothing I could do to help her. I felt her pain and have carried it with me. I keep praying that she is OK, but know that none of us can be OK in this hell we have been being surrounded by and hurt by.

This list could go on, but I need to stop here. 
God help us all to regain our freedom and have a chance to recover.