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Friday, March 3, 2017

To Let Understanding and Forgiveness Replace Misunderstandings and Blame

   Surely everyone who has become aware and is able to care, from Targeted Individuals and their families on up to the highest government officials, have struggled with how to handle this horrible situation. . .and have made mistakes along the way. And I can not help but to feel that mistakes, when not hidden or erased, are lessons to learn and grow from. . .for ourselves as well as others. And in sharing those mistakes we enable misunderstandings and blame to be replaced with understanding and forgiveness.

   Targeted Individuals, like myself, who  have become aware, have been sending reports to government officials, around the globe, through the past two decades and more. We can not know how immense their struggle must be. At least some of them appear to be being targeted too. And I can not help but wonder. . .

If the hell can't reach a positive end
Through those who already know
How can we start over again?
Where is our trust to go?