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Saturday, March 11, 2017

"They Say Time Heals Everything. . .But I'm Still Waiting"

   I have posted this video before, but it fits my mood since yesterday when my pain and anger flared after they seemed to be starting another round of using me in their covert wars against each other. I have repeatedly told them that I do not want to be used in their covert wars, but they don't seem to care about my needs or preferences, which is extremely frustrating.
   The Dixie Chicks wrote "Not Ready to Make Nice," after being targeted. And I can deeply relate to most of the lyrics. Its not about being angry as much as it is about being too deeply hurt and feeling scared while being tortured and surrounded by the demands to conform or else...etc.


   The sad Truth is that those of us who have been being heavily targeted can not fully feel better about things - can not heal from it, until our fellow human beings find the Heart to stand up for us and themselves and the targeting at least starts stopping. We sometimes feel angry because of our brains being lasered. . .and we sometimes feel angry because we are being hurt and we are scared and even our loved ones have been being used against us and there seems to be no safe uninfiltrated places, to turn to for help, where officials are even acknowledging what is happening. Its all just too excruciating. But who cares? We need a solid Light at the end of this torturous tunnel, but the deadly silence holds it back! God help us all.