My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, March 24, 2017

Serious Round of Torture

    I have been experiencing a painful round of torture, which includes what feels like the lasering of the back right part of my head, since late yesterday morning.  I am sorry if someone has an issue with my posts. I know that i make a lot of mistakes, especially when I am being tortured or am in distress.
  Obviously there is an issue with my writing anything about the targeting, but I cannot join the lethal silence that enables the enslavement of humanity and the dark covert wars against harmless people....etc. I was never part of the program - I never took any vow of silence. And my heart wants to stand up for all of us, including those who obviously are not being allowed to.

I'm on the Side of Peacefully Standing Up for
Freedom for All. Which side are you on?

God Help us All


P.S. Those who get mean and vindictive are the ones who are in the deepest need of being set free, in order to be able to listen to and follow their own instincts and Hearts, instead of the torturous program that has them enslaved.