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Friday, March 24, 2017

My Pass to a Public Computer Used by Someone Else After I left?

   I had used the Milford, NH library this morning. Around 10:30 I had closed out of the computer I was using, but then spontaneously decided to log back on about ten minutes later. But I was not able to log back on due to the computer system saying that another participant was already logged on with that pass. The librarian too quickly denied that anyone was using it, although there was no way she could have really known that. There was not a mistake of my forgetting to log off, because I returned to the same computer, that I had been using, and it had been logged off. It appears that someone else had logged into a computer, with the number that the librarian gave to me, after they thought I left. I can not help but wonder how many other times this could have happened and what they are up to.

P.S. Yesterday the time of my printing from a library computer was being interfered with - it was changed to being two hours later than it really was.  This sort of thing probably happens more than I realize.