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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another Torturous Vamp Up

    I have been experiencing another vamp up in the technological torture since around the 13th. I do not write most of these, because its just too much and it has sometimes gotten worse when I publicly write about it. But I'm having no picnic here, although sometimes, I try to pretend that I'm just roughing it on one of my old camping trips, in order to make living in my car feel better than it is since they disabled my heater. I did this yesterday during a snow storm and after all the surrounding warm environments shut their doors early - at 3pm. . .just the way a puppet had previously suggested that one of them would.  I survived, but I was scared and I was cold until I snuggled up to a hot frying pan under three blankets, instead of letting them "rescue"/enslave me while they made me suffer, which has been an ongoing thing. . .that I want to stop.

   An excuse for the abuse has been that they just give us what we want, but I have not experienced that to be true. I wish it were true, because none of us would be being targeted if it were. Nobody wants to be being targeted with laser and microwave weapons...etc. And it should all be stopped.