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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Plea For Everyone Who is In the Covert Program and is Used in Covert Rescues of Targets Like Myself

   I believe that the darkest ones who lead the targeting slyly control groups of good people whom they use in the foreground of covert rescues, which actually lead to enslavement. I feel that these good people (many who are my estranged loved ones) actually think they have been saved and that they are saving others, but I strongly feel that the reverse is true and the dangers for them are as strong as they are for those whom they are used to "rescue." I beg you to step out of the covert program and fully stand up.

   Its Safer to Stand in the Light

    This morning I had a dream, which showed a dark perpetration puppet (who used to rent a room in my Loudon, NH home) luring people away from coming to me. Then I had the experience, which I wrote into the post before this one. After I calmed my distress, I looked at the situation and it appears that another covert "rescue," by good people in the covert program, was sabotaged by those who target me and knew that it was taking place and had control over those who were attempting the "rescue." They also appeared to have used a laser on my brain, and possibly my vehicle, in order to inflict extreme anxiety upon me, through the process. I feel certain that the covert program is NOT the safe "home" that it pretends to be. And I am scared for all who are used in it without realizing what lurks behind them. Please step out. Its safer to openly stand in the Light.
   If there are people who want to help me, you can help me, as well as yourselves,  by openly standing up with me and/or passing this information on to as many people as possible. Please save yourselves, even if you do not want to openly stand with me.

God help humanity to be totally set free and have a chance to recover

Could I be wrong? It is possible. But what if I'm right? I feel that I am right. It is possible that there are good covert groups and that at least some of them are infiltrated, but I seriously doubt this. I'm not sure of all the details within the covert world. But I strongly feel that it is safer to stand in the Light. And I feel sure that the dark ones who target me, sometimes use good, unaware people in the foreground of their operations. . .that the covert rescue into their "home" is actually a sly enslavement. . .and that they have been sabotaging both covert help and overt help from higher places that would have the jurisdiction and modes of protection I've been needing and seeking. They seem to be aware of literally everything that goes on around me. Its safer to stand in the light. (I have been saying this for so long its surprising that people have not gotten the message and I wonder why.)