My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, February 17, 2017

I'm Sorry for the Confusion

   The covert harassment part of the targeting has been very confusing to me. I am deeply sorry if there are people whom I have unfairly named or blamed on this blog and its books. Hopefully it will all someday become more clear and I can set records straight in the final book of this blog. Hopefully time will soon show the Truths and I will be able to better explain everything. Until then, please forgive me – please forgive the confusion and mistakes.
   I have learned a lot since my early days of blogging while I figure out things. Though I have made many mistakes, my intentions with all of my writings about the targeting have been to expose and stop it so that our freedom can be regained. . .especially freedom from the technological and pharmaceutical mind control, which I now feel will fix most of the other problems that can not be resolved under its constrictions and manipulations and wars. Some of my posts have also been a desperate fight for my life and that of others who have been being heavily targeted. . .and some have been desperate attempts to stop painful tortures or torments...etc.,. . .and some of these probably should not have been written, especially at times when I was being heavily microwaved, which warps perceptions. But some of my posts have been altered or erased by those who target me and this ads to the confusion. I'm sorry. I want my writings to reflect more of my heart then they do. But I feel trapped and can only hope to someday have the freedom and understanding that I'd need in order to fix it all and make it more presentable.

May Truth and Heart Stand Up for Freedom