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Thursday, January 5, 2017

They Traumatize me, in Order to Flush Out People Who Want to Help Me!?!

   It appears that those who target me have been traumatizing me, in order to flush out good people who could be witnesses to the targeting and even professionals who may want to help me!  Unless you can fully stand up for me in a protective group it is probably best to not show up no matter what they do or how upset I get. It even appears that Sheriff and FBI, as well as local police...etc, have been being swarmed and watched and sometimes even targeted by those who target me. I have sensed this in the ones that I have turned to for help as well as those whom I could turn to. Sometimes it appears that the dark forces even aim to take them over. I hope they are not succeeding. I am deeply concerned for good, uncontrolled people in those places. I hope the good stays strong. I pray for uncontrolled people (especially officials) to pull together into protective groups and fully stand up for themselves and those of us who are being hurt. . .and ultimately for all of America and the rest of humanity. God help us all to be free from technological mind control.

Ravens swarm and dive and screech.
Oh dear God! Not the Hawks they breech!
Then they blocked my mode of speech
While for Light my tears did reach.

P.S. The password on my primary email account was changed yesterday or today and it was difficult to get back into it since they had erased all of my email accounts that were associated with my www.poeticpublications.com web site! I lost a lot of data in those emails. I wonder if this is connected with the fact that I just re-added advertisements to my blog. They had blocked me from doing this in the past.  I guess it was another way to limit/sabotage potential income. The ads are not yet working on my site. I hope they will be allowed to remain there and remain functional this time.