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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Mutilation of Character

   It appears that lines or wrinkles in the skin can be remotely inflicted with lasers. Around the time when those who target me started the "aging" threat thing, which I wrote about in a recent post, I had started feeling itching and tingling around the base of my nose - between my eyes. The tissue under my skin began to harden and my skin started flaking. Then odd, unnatural lines/wrinkles across the top of my nose began to appear. This has also happened with unnatural vertical lines on my upper lip and downward angled lines at both ends of my mouth...etc.
   Natural wrinkles do not bother me and are not an issue of mine. I have not had the common concerns about aging, which I feel have become destructive to much of humanity. HOWEVER, what they have done to me bothers me, because it is very important to me to age naturally. What they have been doing to my skin and face, AFTER threatening to, is not natural and is changing the way I look. I want to age naturally and I should be allowed to.
   I have always felt that the types of wrinkles, which a person naturally accumulates as they age, reflects our character. . . .and that surgical alterations of the natural process of facial aging defaces a person's character. And when it is done without permission it is a intrusive mutilation of character that just should not be happening to anyone.