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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Microwave Targeting Can Interfere With the Natural Aging Process

  The "aging" thing that they threatened appears to be happening through microwave targeting of my body in the past year or so, especially my skin.  Prior to this swing into making me look older they appeared to be doing the opposite - somehow slowing down the aging process. "Forever young" was the song they kept playing during this time. It seemed to be a ploy to lure me into enslavement where they claimed that they could keep me looking young. I refused to bite and told them that I do not mind aging. . .and then they swung into a projected dream, which showed spots all over a woman's skin and puppet license plates that portrayed "aging." This has been happening to me since then. It feels horrible that they can also technologically interfere with the way I look.

 I don't mind aging, but I want it to happen
naturally and not through technological targeting


P.S.S. Lot of heavy microwaving of my brain...etc., lately! Feel like my brain is clamped in a prison when it gets this bad. I feel numb. Aside from that I feel tired and discouraged and overwhelmed. Some days are better than others and some days are worse. Its a hell of a roller coaster ride, literally!