My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

From the Heart of My Frustration

   There are a few things that I want to make very clear to everyone who has been questioning or assuming things. Please excuse possible bloops in this. I'm upset and am letting my tears and frustrations pound the computer keys.

1. I do not believe in the covert rescue and do not want it for myself, because I feel that it leads to enslavement. I feel that many who think they are free and safe are not really and will not find out until it is too late if things keep going the way they have been through the past few decades. So, please stop trying to force me into enslavement.

2. Regardless of what is in my infiltrated ramblings, which I have not had the freedom and information to properly fix, I do not want to go up against any level of my American government. . .no matter what has happened to me. I don't.
   When I look at the bigger picture I see that America, and all of its agencies and families and citizens, have been being targeted with aims for other forces to take over our country as well as the rest of humanity. They are victims too, especially of the technological mind control. And I cannot help but to feel for all of us and pray for our freedom to be fully and honestly restored to all of America as well as the rest of humanity.
   When I look at the smaller picture I feel scared and hurt and frustrated that any of this is even happening, especially when I look at the lives that have been being destroyed while covert wars rage around the globe and nobody acknowledges the targeting, especially the technological parts and the enslavement. I have a right to these feelings. It all hurts indescribably. Some of us (myself included) have been suffering through such grossly inhumane levels of covert and technological targeting that we cannot really want anything but for the hell to end as quickly as possible. But, no matter how hurt or angry I have felt, I do not want to blame any level of law enforcement (from local to the president) for what has been happening, because I feel that they are victims too and surely have their own types of struggles in this hell that has been infiltrating America as well as the rest of humanity. I just keep praying that it is getting better instead worse and have been waiting for clear, non-covert evidence of this. I am still waiting.
   More than anything I want America to fully and honestly stand up and regain its freedom, but sometimes I feel selfish when I put so much of my prayers into this, because there are other people and countries that have been being hurt and infiltrated and taken over as well. I feel for them too. This does not mean that I am against America or that I am a "globalist." I'm not. I actually have a deep and firm belief in the importance of countries and people retaining their independence, freedom and individuality. And sensing that America, and all that it has stood for, has been crumbling in the secret shadows of covert wars and technoogical mind control infiltrations is the most excruciating thing that I have ever felt. I, as well as many people whom I love, have been being hurt or destroyed or enslaved by the horrible holocaustal targetings. God help America. . .and the rest of humanity. Until world peace is gained no country is completely safe and free. I pray for that peace and for our freedom to quickly be attained. I wish that all aware and uncontrolled American and foreign forces would unite in aims to free America, as well as the rest of humanity, from all levels of covert targeting, especially the technological and pharmaceutical mind control.

3. I am deeply sorry for all mistakes and misunderstandings that are portrayed in my blog writings, including the alterations performed by those who target me. Its been a horrible battle to just TRY to preserve what is left of my writings so that I can later fix them. I have come to the conclusion that it cannot be effectively done on infiltrated computers in public places where I have often experienced covert harassment and radio waves interfering with the function of my brain. I have also not yet received clear and direct honest answers to questions that could help clarify many things. My writings are not always "politically correct," or even the way that I would naturally write them, because of the nature of the targeting and its effects on me and my writings. So, I beg you all to understand and excuse me and my writings until I can freely make them better.

4. The threat of being shoved into enslavement or framed appears to have again vamped up since I was told that my uncle died and since I finished the new "Introduction" to my Rambling of a Targeted Individual books, which aims to preserve newer posts. But perhaps this is a coincidence. I do go through a lot of rounds of this.

P.S. This blog is suddenly not sending copies of this post to my email address when I first posted it.