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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Drum Making Work Shops Sabotaged

   All aspects of my life's work have been sabotaged in various ways. And, every now and then, I remember confusing chains of events that I now believe were part of the targeting. The most recent realization was the chains of events that happened while I taught Drum Making Workshops in the mid 1990s.
   Drum making and teaching is something I had felt very drawn to do and it also provided a source of income.  But odd things happened from the start of my decision to teach the workshops. At the time I was baffled and couldn't understand why I was having so much "bad luck." But I now believe that it was all part of the targeting, which aimed to sabotage my work.
   After one of my first workshops people complained that they felt completely drained of energy while doing the workshop at my home. (I now believe that they were technologically targeted - their energy drained with microwave weapons.)  Then I went to teach a workshop that was hosted by the neighbor of a friend and, while we were making our drums, their dog suddenly became vicious and killed a kitten in front of us. This was horrible for everyone, especially for the owner of the dog and kitten who was shocked and kept saying that she didn't understand, because they had gotten along fine and the dog was gentle. (I now believe that the dog's brain was remotely technologically interfered with.)  Then I was invited to Nantucket to teach a workshop at a Nature Center. While we took a break for lunch, a fire broke out in the circle we had been sitting in and destroyed one person's drum and left a burn mark in a wooden deck. (I can no longer believe that this happened all by itself.)
   These sorts of things happening, especially around spiritually minded people, made me look bad. After these episodes a man, whom I now know was a puppet for those who target me, kept calling me and wanting me to teach him how to make drums so that he could teach the workshops in the area I had just moved to. He was really pushy and very obviously moving in to take over my work and even wanted me to help him do it. I let it go, but not because I wanted to - because I was losing business, and my reputation, due to the disasters that were happening at my workshops. The pushy man was just the last straw.

   There were also a few stores that carried my drums, like with my Poetography Prints. I loved drum making and I loved teaching it. In my classes I encouraged prayer and meditation, the Native American tradition of thanking the spirit of the animals and a healing, spiritual focus while building the drums. It came natural to me. And I feel that I would have done well with it, as a side business, if it had not been sabotaged by those who target me.