My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Mistakes Are Many

   I think that most, if not all, who have realized this holocaustal crisis, and have tried to expose and/or stop it, have made mistakes in the process of figuring it all out and expose it, especially when being targeted in the process. How can anyone know how to effectively deal with such a confusing, cryptic mess?  Please forgive me. And let me forgive you - be solid and true and kind and honest.

   Like I have said before, I have made many mistakes as I struggle to figure out and expose the targeting while still being targeted. Aside from the interference and alterations by those who target me, there are probably mistakes that I do not yet realize. I hope that those who read this blog and its books, (which contain more) will excuse my mistakes and realize that my writings have also been interfered with by those who target me. I hope I will someday have the freedom to fix them and make it all more clear.  Until then, please read with your Heart and do not judge me or anyone based on what is in this blog and its books. Please just let it help you to realize what is happening and do your own research and help to bring it to a peaceful end.

Like I have repeatedly stated; I can not perfect my writings on infiltrated computers and while I am being harassed and technologically targeted. I'd need GENUINE help, with protection from all levels of the targeting and honest answers to a lot of questions that I have time to process, in order for me to even accomplishing that. 

   It breaks my heart each time I realize that I have not yet had the freedom to fully follow my heart with any of my writings. :-(