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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Sad Day Striving for Hope

    In two posts on this blog I crossed a line into politics, which I had vowed not to cross in my writings. I think this year's elections were the toughest ever, especially for those of us were already scared for the future of America. This is a sad morning for me. And I imagine that today is sad for all who did not want this outcome.
    The only type of political statements I really wanted to make is to express that I do not care if our presidents are republican or democrat as long as they behave in ways that are honorable and as long as they have the Heart to Truly and deeply care for the safety and Freedom of America and it's citizens as well as that for other countries, humanity and the world.

    I have felt deeply concerned that too many of us do not have the freedom, to fully follow our Hearts in the voting process, due to technological and pharmaceutical mind control. But I still hope for the Heart of America to rise into a strong and peaceful stand for Freedom from all that harms us and holds us back from following our own Hearts and being all that we were born to be.

   I hope that destructive covert wars and revolutions stop, instead of intensifying. I hope that people who are opposed to Trump find peaceful ways to collect signatures...etc. I had thought of starting a petition, but decided not to due to being too overwhelmed with the targeting, which seems to block me from reaching many people anyway. I hope others can do more.

 God Help America to Regain its Freedom
P.S. I have been getting technological  interference as I write and edit this post.