My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, September 8, 2016

I'm Sorry. I Forgot.

In the depths of microwaved pain
I forgot it until my heart saw again.
But whose to know what is never learned
When lasered memories forget to return?

I'm Sorry. I'm so incredibly sorry.

    The technological interference with my brain has caused the usual short term memory losses that many victims report. Sometimes my microwaved brain has gotten lost in the trenches of despair. . .until my heart re-grabs the handle of that bucket of hope and that long tattered rope, which hangs from the Light.
   But I have also experienced memories of specific things (important things) being wiped out of my memory. . .until something triggers them and brings them back. Among these memory losses are the memory of getting an email from President Obama in August of 2015, and the memory of a bank account that had contained around 40,000 dollars and was my emergency back up fund. . .and it now appears to be too late for me to get it back. I can understand them making me lose money as they shoved me into destitution. My other account appeared to have been being drained too. But I am having a hard time understanding why they wiped out the memory of the email, especially since they appear to have also moved my blog post about it. They have even tried to wipe my daughters out of my mind, but my heart aches for them still. Love sometimes remembers what minds forget. But not always. I'm sorry if I have forgotten things that you think I should remember. My memory will be better when my brain stops being intruded upon with radio waves. God help us all to be completely regain our freedom and have a chance to recover.