My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, August 19, 2016

Scary Weapon Attack

   The night before last I experienced several hours of a painful laser attack to the upper left, front, quarter of my brain. It stopped a few times, for just a few minutes, but was relentless through the rest of the evening. This was really scary due to the fact that it was in the area that lobotomies happen and the same area of the brain that appears to be being damaged in targeted people.
    This creative part of my brain is a critically important part of me and my work and my process of personal and spiritual growth. I do not want to be damaged any more than I already have been and feel horrible for those who have completely lost that vital part of themselves. Please help stop these sorts of targetings.

  Update;  In situations like this, those who target me may be just trying to terrorize me into thinking that they are damaging my brain. These sorts of terrors happen a lot. Among other recent ones they had a puppet say, "Breast cancer" as they walked by me, just before they started painful lasering of my left breast. Other similar things happen as they laser my lungs, spine, brain, legs...etc. A couple years ago they were threatening to make me blind while effecting my eye sight with laser weapons aimed into my brain. And the list could go on. I don't write most of it, because I try to ignore it instead of letting it scare me. . .but sometimes I can not help but to feel scared. Its scary to have a threatening criminal aim a weapon at me, in order to inflict pain and fear. . .even if it does not leave me with permanent damage.