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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

FBI's Ted Gunderson

"Its Important that we follow the path of Truth - that 
we do not weave to the left or right." ~ Ted Gunderson

   I'd not posted Gunderson before, because most of his videos get into a lot of the political stuff that I have tried to steered away from. But this newer video dives right into what I have felt is the core of our problem - a satanic occult that has been infiltrating and aiming to take over not only America, but ultimately all of humanity. I received a lot of validation from this video of Ted Gunderson, an FBI agent who stood up for our freedom. He says, "This evil aliment has infiltrated virtually every level of society."

  I have felt that many places have been being infiltrated and that this dark infiltration has probably hit medical, dental, psychiatry, pharmaceutical and spiritual arenas even more heavily than most government agencies. Consequently, I feel that there is a danger in blaming "the government" when we need the uninfiltrated parts of our government to save us, our country and ultimately all of humanity. And I feel that there may be as much of a danger in not realizing that they have also been being targeted and infiltrated. . .probably in some arenas more than others. . .so that the whole does not continue to be blamed for what a few criminals or mind control victims have been doing.
    I feel that the satanic occult, which Gunderson spoke of, has been utilizing technological and pharmaceutical mind control on people in all arenas and that their enslavement of humanity has already hit holocaustal levels and must be fully exposed and stopped as quickly as possible.

Ted Gunderson on Satanism in America


"Its Important that we follow the path of Truth - that 
we do not weave to the left or right." ~ Ted Gunderson


P.S. There has been some controversy about Ted Gunderson being an imposter. This is probably an aim to discredit him. No matter who this man is or is not, he says a lot of things that I have felt to be absolutely True long before I heard it from him. I think he is telling the Truth about a serious holocaustal problem that we all need to know and help remedy.