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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Books Stolen from my Car!

   The original 2013 edition of my Technological Holocaust book and last years edition of my Ramblings of a Targeted Individual book appear to have been stolen from my car. This book was my only solid recording of this blog since June 2013.
   About a month ago, my car appeared to have been accessed while I was sleeping - the string I tie between the doors had been broken. (This could have been done with a laser just to make me think that it was accessed that night.) There was also ample time for access into my car during the four months that it was stranded in a parking lot and forced to leave it for extended periods of time.
   I am deeply concerned about the manipulations that have been vamping up around me and my writings in the past year or two, which also include a printed page swapped with another one, the death of, and serious accident of, two friends/witnesses...etc. I pray for answers and assurance that things are better in the rest of the world than they still appear around me.