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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Horrible Manipulations

   I still believe in the good and uninfiltrated parts of our government and have been concerned that they may be being targeted as well. I have recently been surrounded by manipulations in rounds of intense technological torture to my brain and other body parts as well as death threats - trauma inducing events in conjunction with brainwashings that aim to convince me that the FBI is doing all the torturing and threatening. This has been worse in the past year or so. Aside from around the 19th of June, 2016 there was a previous episode where they had terrorized me into thinking that I'd been hit with a lethal chemical as I dropped a report at an FBI office. In between these rounds of hell I strongly feel and sense that good people in the FBI have been being targeted by the same people who target me. I am concerned that I am probably not the only victim, of lethal targeting, who is being brainwashed and/or manipulated into thinking that it is all being done by "the government." When I am not being tortured and terrorized, and my brain is not being interfered with, I do not believe the manipulations. . .although I often have concerns about how infiltrated our country may be.
    I understand that nothing is perfect, especially in countries that have been being infiltrated by those who use technological and pharmaceutical mind control on people in all arenas. But I still feel that the core of the targeting is being done by a satanic occult. God help us all.

God help America
God help the good to stand up for humanity