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Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Reluctant Break Untaken

   I tried temporarily making this blog private due to vamp ups in the targeting, which included alterations to my writings as well as targeting geared toward manipulating things if I even just write what they are doing to me. (I am trying to refrain from posting cryptic covert messaging and threats, which can too easily be misperceived. But they are an ongoing part of the hell I experience.)
    Recent attacks appear to be aims to prevent the proper kinds of help from being here for me…and to make it look like the government is targeting me. . .or that I am just blaming the government. At this point in time I feel too overwhelmed and am being too heavily targeted to fully figure out their manipulations and keep combing through my writings.
   The most recent alterations, which I noticed, that they made to my writings were the addition of double words and sentences. They even added in a double post on the 19th of June in this blog. Oddly this was added AFTER the 20th but was dated on the 19th. They have again disabled my computers - four hard drive crashes and one blackened monitor in just the past couple months. And I was not allowed to change my passwords to my websites the last time I tried.

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The Heart Bud book on Amazon; 

P.S. Making this blog private was not being allowed! I am using a borrowed infiltrated computer. And its jamming up and there is no longer an option to set this blog private. They seem to be trying to force me to completely delete it. I can not completely delete it as it contains important information that could be a source of help or protection for me as well as others. So it remains public.

[Update; I was able to make most of the alterations that were being prevented through blocking me from computers and torturing my brain. So the blog feels better remaining public now.]