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Monday, June 20, 2016

The False Covert "Rescue" Into Enslavement

   I know that I've said this before, but it deserves another mention; The false covert "rescue" into enslavement was first shown to me in a dream in 2006 on the day after I was in a small Arizona town where a group of women quickly zoomed in to befriend me. The night after I met these women I had a dream about them holding me captive and in the process of trying to inject me with something when a group of people barged into the house to "rescue" me. These rescuers pretended to be good people, but were actually part of the same criminal group as the women. After this dream I pulled away from the area, because I feel that this would have happened to me if I'd stayed there. But there appear to have been many other attempts to do a similar thing since then.
   I feel that it is a regular pattern for perpetration to target and traumatize their victims and then move in to rescue them. . .in order to slyly enslave them. I think that this process probably happens in many different ways and sometimes even uses good people in the foreground of the operation - people who are already enslaved and/or people who really think they are helping victims and do not realize that they'd be handing us over to the criminals who are targeting us. (Sometimes they even use our own enslaved loved ones in this process.) Please help spread the word. And please help publicly expose this and set enslaved victims free. Please.

P.S. Heavy electronics shooting into my brain again today! Lot of torture lately, including painful laser shots to my legs while I tried to sleep, for a few nights before switching to lasering my brain into the restless talking that I mentioned in a recent post.

P.S.S. Lot of manipulations going on in the covert targeting as well as my writings associated with them. Double sentences were plugged into chapter four of my Heights of Wisdom story just before they disabled my computer around the 20th of June 2016.