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Monday, June 6, 2016

Into the Light Book

Introduction to my old "Into the Light" Book

Into the Light Book

"Do it!" they responded,
To my PRIVATE thoughts.
And I almost didn't do it
Until the lasers became hot.
I erased that book's posting
Partly to see what would happen,
Partly because I had wanted to,
And for the hell to finally end.
But the stress it put me through
Was akin to the rest ravens do.
To me, its not really gone.
Its just no longer out there,
And is in perhaps a safer place
Farther from judgment's evil glare.
"Don't cast even tarnished pearls
Before the claws of swine,"
Is one sore lesson learned
In this torturous time.

"Into the Light" will someday become, "The Covert Puzzle" book.

Introduction to my old "Into the Light" Book
www.targetedinamerica.com/Into the Light.rtf 

P.S. My 2010 and 2012 web postings of my "Into the Light" book have been surrounded by threats and demands to erase it since 2012. Those who were recently demanding for it to be taken down are the ones who do the mind reading.
This whole situation is really scary and I have felt unsure of how to deal with it. I took the 2012 posting down for the sake of good people (including myself) who may have been (or could possibly be) hurt or offended by its contents. I have replaced it with the above intro until I have the freedom to comb through it and figure out what to do. I still have copies of the original book if it is ever needed by honest officials.