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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Another Desecration of my Writings

   I recently erased my original 2012 version of my "Into the Light" book from my websites.  This book had been written in 2010 and re-posted on the web in 2012, and someone who targets me seems to want to hide this fact or hide the whole book. Since I erased it, for better reasons than their demands, I had started  removing names and plugging in explanations for it to go into a new "Covert Puzzle" book. But as I do this I am finding huge parts of it being erased by those who have infiltrated my computer! About half of this book was chopped out after demands to erase the originals from the web. "You just lost your innocence" they said after I erased the book from my primary websites. Then as I started trying to resurrect it into the "Covert Puzzle" book they started hacking it up!!! (They actually replaced it after I exposed this. . .as if it never happened.)

Update; and I have reposted a new copy of Into the Light onto my www.poeticpublications.com website;

 Into the Light was written in 2010 in a desperate rush to figure out who was targeting me and why. Some statements were pulled into it from past publications. It ended up being a creative way to make a log of all the people who have treated me badly and may have had me targeted. But this was before I knew much about the targeting and I didn't start figuring more out until about a year and a half later.

P.S.S. This morning a dead chipmunk was left in the path I walk.