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Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Perverted Violations

 Since the end of 2013 I've experienced the worst of the perverted lasering, microwaving and other types of inflictions to my pubic area. Lately they cause severe itching in my rectal area and then, as I scratch it, an intense itch in my nose suddenly starts, causing me to lift my hand from one spot to the other. Since I realized this little perverted move I resist, but the discomfort of the itching sometimes gets intense. I have also been experiencing an obvious amount of lasering of my pubic area when children come near me. The last time this was happening was today (at around 1;15pm) at one of the restaurants that I am being forced to frequent due to my car still remaining disabled in a parking lot where there is no shade, making it too hot to stay in it.
   Why do they do this? Are they just perverts who want to watch me itch myself or are they setting it up for a security camera or other people whom they think may be watching or want to watch? Either way, these are horrible violations to my body.

   Within just a few minutes after posting this I experienced what felt like a laser blast to the center of my chest, causing intense pain through my whole upper torso for several minutes. This is a common form of torture for telling, which I usually try to ignore and do not post much of, but it has happened a lot.