My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Too Trapped

   In the past few weeks, as I remain imprisoned in a parking lot, I am experiencing rounds of various types of targeting, including threats to take my car and repeated rounds of technological torture with aims for a covert "rescue" into enslavement.

1. For a couple weeks, before being imprisoned in this parking lot, my tooth had been being lasered around orders for me to "go to the dentist."

2. In the past week I am experiencing lasering of my heart almost every evening, as I try to sleep, along with orders to "call 911" and "go to the hospital." I think it is well known that all levels of our medical profession are heavily infiltrated and involved in the targeting and that hospitals are extremely unsafe for those of us who are being heavily targeted.

3. Last week, I had dreams, that were projected with psychotronic weapons, almost every night. They showed me living in a fancy house if I let myself be enslaved and change my name to "Jane Bordeau." Other dreams show me being kept in poverty if I do not join the program. One contained orders to not cry and another was threats of parasites being placed in my bed.

4. They are also doing new rounds of trying to order me to do what I am already planning on doing and pretending that I am with them and following them.

5. My computers are heavily infiltrated. The computer that I do my books on has been shut down. The other one suddenly has a window popping up saying that my windows program is not valid. Everything I do, on the web or not, is obviously either watched or interfered with. I downloaded a word program, in order to continue work on my books, but it appears to be being interfered with as well.

6. My brain is being almost constantly monitored (heavy ring in my ears) and sometimes tortured, as usual, although the electronic torture has not been as bad a as usual. There is a group that appears to be doing another round of expecting me to launch into a health kick and meditating and spiritual openings while I am being targeted, judged and watched by them!

7. My neck started being painfully lasered as I wrote this statement.

I am feeling too trapped and scared.

 P.S. I have experienced an uncountable rounds of these sorts of things (Many with more electronic torture.) But this period of time feels worse because of being stranded and unable to go anywhere.