My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, April 18, 2016

Just Stop It!

Sometimes I want to shake the world and yell,
STOP IT! JUST STOP! Stop the covert mess.
Save your mind. Use your Heart.
And stop destroying the rest.

   I figured out how to put my quark program onto my internet computer and run it in windows XP mode. Then got interference with making a pdf and did a system restore, but there seems no way to get rid of them. They are aware of everything I do on my computer and even surround me with puppets who comment on what I am doing. Now they are blocking me from putting any programs onto my computer.  I am now suddenly being blocked from making pdfs, from downloading a new adobe reader program and from putting my publishing program back onto my other computer...etc.!!! I am concerned that my writing may continue being altered, because the night my writing computer was disabled they had altered the top part of my "Covert War" article.

   Right now, I am at the mercy of what harasses me, controls my car and computers. This is really scary!  I have done my best to be as objective as possible in my writings, since I learned more about the enslavement program and how even those who target me are mind control victims. . .in between laser and microwave weapon attacks and harassment from the puppets who follow the program. My writings are not perfect, but its the best I can do while being in this torturous prison. 

    Through the past two years or so my heart and soul have repeatedly cried, "Where's the good." Where is it - where are good, decent, honest people who would want to be here for us and protect us from further harm? Where? I guess they are not able to be or they do not know.