My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, April 11, 2016

A Call for GENUINE Peace

May genuine peace
Replace the covert war
And Hearts step out
To inform and restore.
Leaving. . .
Humanity more free
Than ever before.

    I am still deeply concerned that certain technological modes of "protection" from electromagnetic targeting could be a sly enslavement performed by those who may also be placing filters in detection technologies, in order to prevent detection of the low frequencies that are used for mind control. . .and that the covert “rescues” are actually enslavement. I feel that government and military  are victims of this as well as other citizens. Please help spread the word on this ASAP.

   Painful torture of the left top and back part of my brain started as I prayed for GENUINE peace to spread through humanity - for us to be genuinely set free. I am still stranded in a parking lot and am experiencing periods of heavy microwaving, lasering of my brain and chest and other body parts. Its also not safe for me to be forced to buy all my food and water in one location. I need a monetary miracle.
   It appears that my posting of one of my favorite songs was erased from this blog - Ronnie Milsap's "We're Here to Love." I've reposted it on my other blog.