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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Love He Needs

  I just heard that an old neighbor (Bing Chancey) passed away. I'd stopped in to see him a year or two ago. They said he had alzhiemers. I felt that he was being technologically and pharmaceutically targeted. Then I forgot about it as I dealt with vamp ups of targeting on me. Today I was reminded. I feel sad that he suffered so much. But I'm glad that he is finally free. Now, he'll get the Love he needs.
   I cried after I heard of his "death". . .not because he physically died, for that has set him free, but because of the suffering that was inflicted upon him and countless other victims of sadistic covert targeting. I hope his family members get the support they need as they suffer this loss, especially since the "deaths" in targeted families can be surrounded by chaos and discord that is orchestrated by the technological mind control part of the targeting.

   On the 23rd of February, 2016 I had received what appeared to be a threat connected to a "Dad," and "Alzhiemers." This came as I aimed to perfect my article on morgellons and was being told to "STOP.". I'd thought it may have been about my father or possibly a minister whom I know. But it now appears to have been about Bing.

P.S. I am being bombarded today! Heavy swarms of stalkers. My phone keeps ringing with unknown numbers. I don't answer it because its usually bad harassment at times like this. A beeper on my car was going off for no reason again. Along with the news of Bing's physical death. . .came news that I became a grandmother of twins. My daughter never called me to let me know. This is understandable since we were separated by the targeting in September 2011. But my daughters having children, and my not being able to be there for them, is really painful. I used to look forward to being a grandmother. Now its horribly painful to hear of two more innocent babies being born into the targeting with no protection from it.
   In the middle of all this my dell lap top suddenly stopped functioning, preventing me from adding this to my book and doing the work I had planned to do today - the work that would have been a comforting distraction from things that I can not do anything about. My blog posts are still being blocked from sending copies to my email.
   It all hurts too much to feel, while electromagnetic frequencies (microwaves) are drilling into my head, especially the part about the babies.

P.S.S. Oddly, I could not find Bing's "death" listed in any obituary on the web. 

God, help us all.