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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Sylvia Likens' Story reeks of Sadistic Technological Mind Control Targeting

   The Sylvia Likens' Story reeks of a severe case of sadistic technological mind control targeting, from the resented good and innocent being falsely accused and tortured, her lack of tears and being accused of faking - looking for pity, the unexplainable numbness in people who knew and should have helped her, but seem unable to understand, themselves, why they remained silent and/or coldly join in, and the caretaker being on psychiatric pharmaceuiticals. . .to the crimes being blamed on America in the title of the movie. These are all patterns of the sadistic technological mind control targeting that many of us are experiencing. The torture that Sylvia experienced seems like a short, and extremely gruesome, version of what heavily Targeted Individuals are going through. I believe that the families connected to Sylvia Likens situation are victims of various sorts of technological targeting.

  The movie about Silvia's murder, "An American Crime,"  was probably the most difficult movie I have ever watched. I was glued to the screen and felt a gut wrenching sickness that continued even after it was over. Then the pain and a flood of tears came. . .as puzzle pieces began clicking into place . I deeply felt Sylvia's pain and the targeting - the horrible sadistic targeting that drove a woman to torture Sylvia and numbed everyone who should have helped to save her, instead of joining in. (This movie also triggered some of my own old pains of being a targeted young teenager.*)
   Please watch this movie, read www.targetedinamerica.com and help break the silence that continues to protect the technological and pharmaceutical targeting of individuals and families. Can those of you, who help perform ANY LEVEL of the covert or technological targeting, watch this sweet innocent girl being tortured and continue or remain silent like those who helped to torture and kill her did? Can you care? Do you really want to work for, or silently support, people who are capable of instigating the cruel torturing of defenseless children? Do you realize how much you are hurting us, even when your role in it is milder and more inconspicuous? How many other targeted individuals and families continue being either hurt or numbed into carelessness or blind disbelief?

An American Crime


   Most targeted people do not experience (or perform) the extreme levels of torture that those in Sylvia's situation did. Some of us are more slowly and less obviously tortured for decades, literal decades. . .and this hurts indescribably too. When will the sadistic technological and pharmaceutical targeting be fully exposed? When will the lethal silence that supports the continuation of the targetings be broken? When will these holocaustal crimes be stopped?  When will the hell end? When? My own pain needs to know.  When?  Ironically the song in the following video says,

"Tell me why does it have to be like this. Tell me why. Is there something I have missed? Tell me why, 'cause I don't understand, when somebody needs somebody we don't give a helping hand. Tell me why"

The answer is technological and pharmaceutical mind control targeting.
And the solution is to defy the lethal rules and break the silence.

Sylvia Likens' Story and the song, "Tell me why..."


  * The movie about Sylvia's torture and murder triggered some of the pain I experienced in my own childhood and since then. Though my situation can not really be compared to Silvia's, because it has not been nearly as bad, I can relate to Sylvia's pain in many ways. My case is a lot milder but has lasted for much longer and the physical torture I experience is mostly from laser and microwave weapons attacks. For me the worst part of the torture has been the silence - the fact that people know I am suffering and am experiencing round after round of being physically tortured. . .and they just silently let it continue. I feel the pain of the silence every time I get tortured. At times like last year when I was painfully tortured (for hours at a time) 11 days in a row - literally every time I spoke, it was the silence and its void of help that hurt the most. Since I have realized the numbing effects of the technological mind control, and the manipulations that make it look like I am just faking it...etc., I sometimes I also feel for those who would help, but are prevented from doing so.
    When I was between the ages of 11 and 15 I experienced rounds of severe asthma attacks and a painful untreated hernia, which I now believe were both microwave induced. I remember a night when I sat on the edge of my bed deeply struggling to draw in and push out every labored, wheezing breath. . .I remember feeling scared and being yelled at by my sister who later started throwing shoes at me, in order to get me to leave our bedroom so that she could sleep. . .and then going down stairs where my mother yelled at me to go back upstairs because my wheezing in the far corner of the living room was keeping her awake. I remember many nights of curling up in the corner of dark rooms, trying to not wheeze too loud or cry too loud so that my suffering would not disturb them. Words cannot describe the pain I felt. There were times when I literally felt like I was going to die in a house filled with loved ones who didn't want to be disturbed by my suffering and couldn't care to help me. I'm now sure that they did not realize how bad it was for me. The ongoing lack of help from my family became less painful after I realized that they were technological mind control victims who were not allowed to realize how bad things were for me.
   This does not mean that I never got helped by them. There were times when I did. And I had a neighbor and friends who later filled the gaps. But this does not make the tough times hurt any less. Since I watched the movie, some of the tears I'm shedding are for me and my loved ones. But my initial tears were for Sylvia. I'm glad she is now free.

P.S. I have been seperate from my family of origin through most of my adult life. And the targeting has continued to instigate rounds of various types of torture and neglect. Its an ongoing pattern. Again, this does not mean that I never get help. But, since I realized that I am being targeted, I have, of course, yearned for it to stop and it hasn’t yet. And the tortures are still not acknowledged by anyone whom I know. I was being technologically tortured and covertly threatened the morning after my initial posting of this article on my blog. I experienced a mild weapon attack to my brain for crying after I watched the movie. My writings were being altered in my initial posts of this article. And in the next two days I experienced a few sudden inflictions of pain, including a laser burn on my arm, and my computer malfunctioning as I edit and try to repost this on my blog and in youtube comments. I also experienced vamp ups in the lasering of my brain and left lung/chest area and then the back of my neck as I added these torture experiences to this article. At one point they lasered my pubic area and then slammed a door when I itched the discomfort, as if I am the one who is doing something wrong. The severe remotely inflicted violations to my private area has been an ongoing daily torture since the fall of 2013 and is, in itself, so horrible that I honestly do not know how much longer I can take it. They try to disguise it with other forms of inflictions like chemicals on toilet paper and morgolones in that area, but the lasering happens too. The combination is an agitating hell that most people probably can not even imagine having to deal with for even just one day and I have had to deal with it literally every day for over two years now...and this is only one part of the tortures I experience.  I am still being tortured in various ways and I am still degraded or judged if say anything about it - if I “complain.” And I still go through days when I do not know how much longer I can survive it and if I will ever be genuinely and fully protected or safe.