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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Is There Danger in Using Radio Wave Blockers?

   As I go through another round of searching for ways to protect my brain, and other heavily targeted body parts, from laser weapons and electromagnetic targeting, my instincts are again telling me that there can also be a grave danger in at least some types of long term protection, because they can block vital life force energy and/or interfere with our body’s natural energy fields in other ways. This can harm people on physical, mental and spiritual levels.
   I am also deeply concerned that harm, which is being inflicted upon our souls, spirits and hearts, may not be viewed as valid by people who do not believe in such things. But this truly is a critical situation for all of humanity. We need to not have interference with our natural energy fields and our bodies need the freedom to draw from the NATURAL energies in our environment. All of the electromagnetic targeting and interference just desperately needs to be stopped.

 The type of protection that is a sly enslavement
 is the most dangerous kind of all. 

Kirlian Photography picks up on energy fields.