My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tribute to America

   I made this new page out of my wish for America, and the rest of humanity, to regain the freedom we had before the technological and pharmaceutical targeting.

Tribute to America

P.S. The day after this post I bought a used hard drive and AGAIN the shop owner rushed to put it on the internet, and do windows updates, against my wishes, (or it had already been set it up to be infiltrated). No matter how it was done, I have another hard drive in mt dell lap top BUT still do not have an UNinfiltrated computer to write on!!! I am still not being allowed to do any sort of writing without the usual interference and possible alterations - things erased or added by those who target me! This book has been interfered with on a massive scale! But there is nothing I can do. They seem to have control of literally every used computer store I have gone to. At another store they even appeared to have destroyed my old XP program disc and installed an infiltrated one!