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Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Have Been Being Blackmailed

What is more Shameful - Standing up and Saying,
"I am Being Blackmailed" or Forever Joining
Those Who Perform Such Crimes?

   I have read and heard many stories about people, like ministers and politicians, being blackmailed into obedience after the instigation or fabrication of some sort of immoral act. This appears to be a regular pattern in the world of organized crime. And it appears that this is also happening to heavily Targeted Individuals, in order to force us into silence and/or into joining the covert program that targets us. Blackmailing tactics, especially when aided by certain types of drugs and remotely inflicted technological mind control, are a serious threat to many. And I think that the secrecy around these crimes greatly aids the success of those who perform them.
   I have already, on several occasions, aimed to expose this. But the threats against me persist and have been happening, on severe levels, in the past couple years, as I openly expose the targeting and they succeed with eliminating, enslaving or silencing people from my past who could have testified for my character. 
   I am not sure of all their blackmail manipulations, but I’ve had dreams that warned me of some of them. Some have been blatantly obvious, like when they've shoved me into destitution and tried to frame me for theft or prostitution. . .and when they had puppets follow me into restaurants and tell their children to climb into my lap. Its obvious that they have been orchestrating situations where they could accuse me of being a pedophile. My intuition has  helped me to avoid some of it. But some of it is impossible to avoid; one time they had a puppet arrange for a 13 year old boy to be left alone at a garage while my car was being fixed and I couldn't leave. (After this incident, they actually had a puppet park in front of me with a license plate that read, "framed" just before surrounding me with puppet cars that were attempting to perform a false covert "rescue.")
   I have experienced rounds of them calling me the "cat lady" after the cat of an aquaintance was missing, and a murdered (cut up) cat was found in the town I had lived in. I have no doubt that they took her cat, while terrorizing her - preventing the job and home I was about to obtain from her. Then they tried to make me feel responsible for what they did. There is also something connected with dogs that has been in the works for several years. I’ve experienced a few rounds of threats about dirty pictures on the web. I do not know what they are and have not even tried to look for them. But I had a dream warning of them putting my head on someone else's body in pictures for the web. I also had a dream that showed my unconscious body in a bed where my arm was being positioned around another woman. (I believe that this may have happened during the time when they had drugged and raped me directly after the Alstead floods. . .and that they were trying to make me look like a lesbian, which is something I would not do.) I have also received a lot of degradings about permiscuity with men, some obviously fabricated, like when I spent two days in a motel room with a man who appeared to be trying to "help" me when my car was disabled and I was dumped in the streets in the fall of 2013. Nothing happened between us, THAT I KNOW OF, but I can not help but wonder whether or not they drugged me and did something to me, because they have on other occasions and I’ve experienced extreme targeting of my pubic area since then. In the past couple years I have been lured to many places, under the pretense of covert help, until I realized that this is another one of their tactics. I have probably been drugged more than I realize. The times when I’ve known was when my body showed obvious signs of being raped and I had no recollection of the act.
   At one point I had intentionally gained weight with the hope of it helping to stop the drugging and raping. But in recent years I am realizing that I was not being drugged and raped just because criminal men found me attractive, but primarily to tear me down in various ways, and make me feel shame. When I realized that I should NOT be feeling ashamed of what THEY have done to me I started exposing the rapes. I am now very careful to not put myself in situations where they can do anything to my body. But this doesn’t save me from all of it.
   It appears that, when they can not keep us silent and can not force us into the most immoral or criminal acts, like pedophilia, theft, adultery, porn...etc., they just fabricate it in whatever ways they can. I have had several dreams warning about fabricated pictures on the web. I do not know if they have actually become public, because the treat of publicity appears to be the first tool used to silence or recruit us. But they are obviously very good at discrediting us, slandering us or ruining our careers when we refuse to join the program or can not be easily controlled. (My work has been severely sabotaged.) In my situation the odds of them succeeding to slander or frame me appear to be in their favor due to the secrecy around all parts of the covert targeting. Its even set up so that our exposing it can make us look guilty/defensive. As I write this I am even getting covert messages telling me to not post this because it will merely make me look bad. But I refuse to be silent about it, because I feel that the silence is what helps their success more than anything else.
   I sometimes find myself wondering how many people they have succeeded to blackmail into silence - onto their side. How many victims of blackmail, and other types of cruel threats, have faded into the shadows of this criminal secret society?
   Breaking the silence is probably easier for me, than it is for some, because I’m not a public figure. But I hope that those of you, who are public figures, and victims of blackmail, will seriously consider the following question and then follow your Hearts above all else.

What is more Shameful - Standing up and Saying,
"I am Being Blackmailed" or Forever Joining
Those Who Perform Such Crimes?

   Please help break the chains of silence and their deceitful hold on you. It is probably true that,
 “The Truth shall set you free.”

    Another danger in the threats and attempted framings part of the targeting of heavily Targeted Individuals is that, we can start feeling VERY JUSTIFIED anxiety in situations where we can be framed, or around concerns of people actually believing the fabrications or accusations. . .and this anxiety alone can make us APPEAR guilty. I have felt that some of the anxiety is technologically induced at strategic times, but some is my own natural fear of a seriously threatening situation.
   The fact that we have no place to turn for help, which acknowledges the technological and covert harassment parts of the targeting, is a deep legitimate concern. And they know this, because they even covertly threatened to try to make me look guilty through lasering my brain, in order to make my body twitch, if a police officer interrogates me to see if I am a pedophile.
   Around the threats, to frame, slander or kill me, are aims for the false “rescues” into the covert program that targets me. I have experienced many set ups and threats that seem geared toward making me feel like there is no way out of their destruction of my life - no way to prove my innocence or regain my freedom. And all of this APPEARS true, but I CAN choose to NOT go with them and to NOT silently let them do this to me. I can stand up for myself and others who experience this.

   How many have been silenced, framed or recruited through fabricated crimes or blackmails? How many lives have been destroyed? And how long will this be allowed to secretly continue? It needs to be stopped. All of the covert targeting desperately needs to be exposed and stopped. Please help break the chains of silence.

P.S. If they succeed with everything they have tried to set me up as, or frame me for, I'd be labeled as a prostitute, a pedophile, a porn queen, a child beater, a cat murderer, a drug addict, a thief, immoral, mentally ill, evil, a member of their program and only they would know what else! This is crazy! Its cruel and mean and it hurts, because its not true. I'm not perfect, but I am not what they aim to make out to be.