My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, January 3, 2016

"Grief for Old TI Ridges" Targeted

   A technological attack began vamping up on my head as I posted, "Grief for Old TI Ridges" on my new blog. Its a horrible thing to not be able to express my feelings and experiences without being tortured for it. Then a puppet walked by and said something about bringing up old stuff from the past. This appears to be a common opinion of those who target us - to never look back...etc. But my heart knows how unhealthy it is to not look to the past. The past is what forms today and builds the future. We carry it inside of us whether we want to look at it or not. (This is why it so important to have the freedom to feel and heal and grow.) The past - its natural joys and sorrows. . .are what builds wisdom into our future. And the past tortures need to be faced in order to be healed.

 Grief for Old TI Ridges

   This morning I woke and then dozed back to sleep and had a dream/vision. In it I was walking down a sidewalk and saw an elderly man sitting on a bench. I reached for his hand and as I held it I noticed deep ridges in his finger nails. Grief gripped me so hard that I began to cry, gasping for breath between my sobs. My legs collapsed from under me and I sat before him, head on his knees, crying for him - for his broken spirit - for the confused emptiness that decades of torture had set into his eyes.
   I woke up crying and, hours later, I still feel deep sadness for those of us who have suffered too much for too long. This pain has been accumulating in my heart for a long time. I cannot imagine that it will even start going away until the technological targeting is exposed and stopped and we have the validation and support that is needed for recovery to begin.

FYI; Ridges in fingernails are a sign of long term technological targeting. I have them too.