My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Forced to Stand Alone

   Those who target me have gone through rounds of pushing me toward my family and old targeted friends, as if they can help me or stand up with me while the targeting continues. My experiences show me that this can not happen with those who are completely controlled, because it would just open doors to deeper levels of targeting against me. . .possibly even finish me off at this point. I have been sensing that there is a danger in known mind control victims being used in a false "stand up" with me.
   Unfortunately, my 2014 visit with an old targeted friend, and my written cry for help for him and another targeted friend, appears to have caused a vamp up in targeting against them. In short, what was left of those whom I felt would have stood with me appear to have been more heavily targeted, in the past year or two, and appear to now be dead or enslaved.
   As for my family of origin; I love my family, but they are unsafe for me, because they are unaware mind control victims and some have already played rolls in helping to target me. Some appear to be completely enslaved. And even if they were aware, and were able to over-ride the mind control and listen to their Hearts, my presence in the family would be unsafe for them. (The targeting has kept us separate through most of my adult life.) They are victims too and I hope they GENUINELY regain their freedom, someday. I hope we all do, but until that happens, and the technological mind control completely stops, it is impossible to reconnect in a functional, healthy way. My fight to expose the targeting has been for my family as much as for other loved ones and the rest of humanity.

There are more important things
Than me and them and you,
But it is all connected.
Humanity is in trouble too.
My hands now feel so tied -
There seems too little I can do.
But I pray that, somehow,
Light will see us through.