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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Another Serious "Accident"

   I recently learned that a mechanic - a good, kind man who had helped fix my vehicle after many attacks to it, (including a shot tire and a sudden brake loss) was in a serious vehicle crash. Was it really an "accident?" And is he still who he was?

PLEASE help stop these crimes from secretly continuing.

   I have been going through hell for the past year connected to threats to withhold help unless I alter my writings in the Ramblings of a Targeted Individual book. But I now realize that whoever is doing this is surely not a good source of help and I do not know if one even truly exists for me anymore.
   In the beginning I had hacked up this book, erasing anything that may be my misperceptions and anything that could offend good officials who could help us. (Edition 9 was the result of this and it immediately sold three copies, unlike any other edition.) I did this out of desperation for help. But it got us nowhere. It EVEN seemed to appease those who target us. So I aimed to resurrect it. Since then, over and over again I have written apologies for any possible mistakes or misunderstandings or perceptions...etc., because I know I made a lot of them in my initial stages of using my blog to report things while trying to figure out the targeting and while writing on inflitrated computers during times when I was being too heavily targeted to be clear. . .hoping to appease those who have such an issue with this book.
   But this has obviously not satisfied them either. The pdf to edition four of "Ramblings of a Targeted Individual" (the most complete old edition) appears to have been replaced on my website this summer. What are they trying to hide or alter? I'm actually not sure anymore. Are the pdfs on my publisher's site safe? Are they being altered too? I hope not, but they seem to have some control there also, since my published second edition of "Poetic Voice of a Targeted Individual" was deleted although there are not even any options to delete books after they are published. No matter how I look at any of this it does not feel good to me. I find all of this deeply disturbing. This is not OK and I need it to stop. I need solid, unconditional, non-covert care and help from genuinely good honest people. And I wish this were available to us.

   Aside from this there has also been a heavy push to destroy evidence and witnesses, in other parts of my situation, through the past year. And I find this very disturbing.