My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Blind Trust

   This whole situation is more than difficult due to no solid place where we can turn to for help - no officials who are acknowledging the crimes as lives continue to be destroyed and families torn apart. I do trust that there are good people, in the world, who are doing good things to secure humanity's future safety, but in my personal situation, it is a blind trust that needs something solid to build on and hold strong. Good solid people, with clear explanations, that deliver understanding and reassurance, are what earns trust and respect. I have not had that yet. I wish I did or could. I wish we all did.

 The Games

They blend into what looks the same
In the confusion of covert games.
I think, perhaps its this
Then perhaps its that,
But its all hidden
Beneath a dark hat,
Round and round
In dizzy circles
While I grope for
Invisible miracles.

   I have experienced many episodes, in the covert targeting, of those who target me zooming in, pretending to be good "rescuers"...etc. I know that there is genuine good in the world. And I have wished, for a long time, that it would openly stand in the Light. I have wished this for ALL of us. . .and still do. My heart aches through every day of this not happening, because the silence still appears to be making the darkness grow. We need the Light to grow.

The pull for my Attention

Its too dangerous
To honor the bad
In order to
Respect the good.
I wish they were
Separate -
That good stood apart
From the crazy games
That break my heart.