My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Solution

  I feel that, until criminal use of the technologies can be stopped, the solution for the crisis we face is in informing and genuinely protecting instead of blaming and fighting. And I pray that this starts happening between countries within governments.
   I still feel that the technological mind control is at the core of most of the problems we face in our world through the past several decades. I pray that citizens will soon be informed of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting so they can at least have the opportunity to listen to their Hearts above what is projected into their minds. I pray for  modes of protection THAT ARE NOT SLY ENSLAVEMENT like the covert "rescue," - I pray for modes of Un-filtered and un-manipulated detection and protection to become available to ALL who need it. If these things can not quickly happen disabling the technologies may be the only way to set humanity free. God help us all.

I pray for humanity to break free from enslavement, peacefully
 stand up, banish the silence. . .and regain its Freedom. 


 I just updated my webpage on Agenda 21;